New Updates:

December 21, 2007:

- New photos in the Image Gallery (Curio Shop)
- Front page redesign.

See the Newspaper for more details.

I am upgrading my hosting service and as a result I can allot a domain all to the Shadow! The new domain will be "". I hope to upgrade various services and make the sanctum more fun.

In the meantime, the Sanctum might be a little wonky. Please bear with us.
"Lights from across the street formed a background against which Koker saw his silhouetted foe. A cloaked shape of blackness, with eyes that burned from beneath the brim of a slouch hat. The Shadow..."
- from "The Crime Oracle"

Welcome to the Shadow's Sanctum. It is here that we, agents of the Master of Darkness; The Shadow, gather to garner information and plan a continuing war on crime and injustice.

Feel free to utilize the resources here. It is recommended that all Agents (and visitors) check the latest edition of the Newspaper (via the Access Panel) to get updated on the most recent news and notices.

To traverse the Sanctum, utilize the Shadow's ring; located at the bottom of each page. Clicking on the ring will bring up the Sanctum's Access Keypad. Pressing the appropriate button on it will open the door directly to the location desired. Be aware that a website is never totally completed. Portions of the Sanctum may not be accessible until construction is sufficiently finished.

Be sure to check the newspaper for site status. All agents are encouraged to contact Burbank with any information, opinions, comments, observations, suggestions, broken link reports, etc.

So go now and familiarize yourself with the workings of The Shadow...and be prepared - you could be called to active duty anytime!

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