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Updates - December 21 , 2007
- New items in the Curio Shop.
- Redesign of the main page.
- In the new redesign, I am tinkering with the "Joomla" portal code. Any thoughts welcome.

Curio Shop Reopens - August 20, 2007
I have updated the Curio Shop with a new script and have started displaying all the nifty things I've found over theyears. Lots of these items were found on the internet, epecially from e-bay. Some I have info on, others just photos. I hope to put informative comments on everything, so that fans will know just what's out there concerning The Shadow.

I am finally getting time once again to devote to my hobbies after several years of having to put them off due to a very full life. I have been reviewing the Sanctum's layout and content; deciding what needs to be done. A daunting task indeed.

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